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Blumenhofer Acoustics Fun 13 Walnut
The Fun 13 is the first loudspeaker, what we build on the concept of the Quarter Wave Length Horn.
The advantages of this construction are both in the compact form and in the deeper bass reproduction for the small driver.
The silk doom tweeter is a response to place and sound needs: the best balance to the sound level and finesse coming from this bass horn construction.
A true Blumenhofer entry level loudspeaker.

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Blumenhofer Acoustics big Fun 17 Cherry
Special and unique, the big Fun 17 is the only loudspeaker with compression chamber bass horn in relatively compact dimensions. The feelings, which is able to deliver, are really involving and put the listener in the center of the happening, in front of the orchestra solid in its holography.
Come a step nearer to reality with the big Fun 17: have Fun!

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Blumenhofer Acoustics Fun 10 Maple Flame
The smallest Blumenhofer bass horn.
We made a very appealing quarter wavelength based bass horn loudspeaker.

The Fun 10 has a very fast and present bass even tough it is quite small.
Its simple design will integrate very easily in Your living room.

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Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 3 Walnut
Optimal for normal rooms
Lots of our audiophile customer, true music lovers and experienced in fact of music listening, confirm us the quality of the Genuin FS 3.

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Blumenhofer Acoustics big Fun 20
If good is not good enough then You have the chance to step up with compression chamber bass horn. The speed, the plenty and the involving feeling coming from this particular construction will stand even the hardest examination. Studied to perform in the most spectacular way and disappear in the room in a fireworks of music.
The big Fun 20 fits to its name, come one big step nearer to the sound!

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Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 4.2 Birch Nut
No compromises, coherent with the Genuin Series shares the character and the fascination with the other models. Ideal for people who love listening for long time and enjoy it.
Implements the technologies of Blumenhofer: this is the secrets of the convincing sound of this loudspeaker.

Alt image
Blumenhofer Acoustics Serie Genuin FS 1 Indian Apple Tree
Top Model of the Genuin Series.

Open and powerful delivers the whole colors of music and brings you to the live performance in your house!

The woofer is a 16” TAD-Woofer and this is the only component not delivered by us.
The position of the Horn might be adjusted at need to reach the perfect
time alignment on the listening spot.

Genuin FS 1 – The Protagonist - enjoy the Genuin sound.

Alt image
Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 5
Lot of people like to listen to the music at work, where they do not have space for a stand loudspeaker.
We built this bookshelf or desktop speaker based on the experience made with the Genuin FS 4.2, the Genuin FS 5 shares the same character and the same sound of the bigger brother. Adapted for the desktop and bookshelf environment.
The components used for the Genuin FS 5 are exactly the same like the ones of the Genuin FS 4. The only difference are the dimension, 12 litres instead of 15 and the foot.