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Clara Luna

Really impressive: stage, depth, speed and lightnes trough and trough. Maximized.

Schwer beeindruckend: Bühne, Tiefe, Geschwindigkeit und Leichtigkeit - ab der tiefsten Frequenz. Für Maximalisten.

Estremamente impressionante: scena, profondità, velocità e leggerezza. Massimalizzato.

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Blumenhofer Acoustics Clara Luna
The Clara Luna is impressive in the massive sound stage that it is able to deliver, ranging up from the lowest frequencies to the top of what can be reproduced with such a light coherence that can not be supposed by the overall dimension of the components and the loudspeaker. The Clara Luna is a master in fact of transparency and speed. All this respecting the Music and the musicality. Without coloration and fakes in the reproduction.

The construction is hybrid: passive mid-high range in horn construction combined to an amplified 21" sub-woofer. This sub-woofer is moved by an 800W DSP corrected digital amplifier.

The mechanical construction of the loudspeaker presents big attention to the problematics of the time alignment and the delay of the DSP is balanced by an accurate positioning of the mid-range woofer on top of it.

To respect the time alignment of the top horn, we made it movable in distance and orientation.

The signal for the woofer is taken directly from the main power amplifier in order to respect the sound properties of the power amplifier.

Specifications of the Clara Luna

Spezifikationen der Clara Luna

Specifiche della Clara Luna

High efficiency
2-Ways loudspeaker with active Subwoofer below 50Hz


• Front loaded midrange horn
• Closed cabinet for midrange and subwoofer
• 25mm Birch plywood
• Separate chamber for the crossover
• High complex internal bracing
• Modular construction


• 1,4” Compression Driver with Titan membrane
• 16” TAD-Woofer
• 21" paper woofer
• 800W power amplifier for 21" woofer
• Gold plated tellurium copper terminals


• 4-1dB-steps level adjustment for the horn
• 4 subwoofer presets
• subwoofer volume adjustable
• Bi-wiring- / Bi-amping -terminals
• Flat impedance curve
Tube Friendly
Time alignment to the listening spot
• 10 years Warranty (except integrated amplifier)

Technical data of the Clara Luna

Technische Daten der Clara Luna

Dati tecnici della Clara Luna

WikiClara LunaConcert X
MaterialMaterialMateriale:Birch plywoodBirke MultiplexMultistrato di betullaBirch plywoodBirke MultiplexMultistrato di betullaBirch plywoodBirke MultiplexMultistrato di betulla
ThicknessMaterialdickeSpessore:25mm / 1"25mm / 1"25mm / 1"
Internal BracingVerstrebungIrrigidimento:Structural bracing interactionStrukturelle interaktionInterazione strutturaleHigh complex
internal bracing
Hoch komplexe
interne Verstrebung
Irrigidimento strutturale
Structural bracing interactionStrukturelle interaktionInterazione strutturale
Cross over chamberKammer für FrequenzweicheVolume separato per filtro:YesJaSiYesJaSiOpen air CrossoverOffene WeicheFiltro in aria
Frequency rangeFrequenzgangRisposta in frequenza:30Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB (*)20Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB (*)30Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB (*)
Low range WooferTiefstönerWoofer di basso profondo:-460mm / 21"
Power amplifierVerstärkerAmplificatore:-800W RMS - 8 Ω
Bass CabinetTieftöner-GehäuseCabinet dei bassi:-Closed cabinetGeschlossenes GehäuseCassa chiusa
Cross over frequencyÜbergangsfrequenzFrequenza di taglio:-50 Hz
WooferTiefmitteltönerWoofer:380mm / 15"380mm / 16" TAD2x 380mm / 15"
Bass CabinetBass GehäuseCabinet dei bassi:HornHornTrombaHornHornTromba in
Open baffle cabinetOffene SchallwandCassa a dipolo
HornHornTromba in
Closed cabinetGeschlossenes GehäuseCassa chiusa
PortingBass ReflexCanale Reflex---
Horn loadHorn RichtungCarico a trombaFront and backNach vorne und hintenAnteriore e posterioreFrontNach vorneAnterioreFrontNach vorneAnteriore
Cross over frequencyÜbergangsfrequenzFrequenza di taglio:800 Hz850 Hz850 Hz
MidhighMittelhochtönerMedioalti:Compression driverKompressionstreiberDriver a compressioneCompression driverKompressionstreiberDriver a compressioneCompression driverKompressionstreiberDriver a compressione
Horn ThroatHornDiametro tromba:1,4"1,4"1,4"
Membrane dimensionsMembranendimensionDimensione Membrana:75mm / 3"75mm / 3"75mm / 3"
MaterialMaterialMateriale:BerillioBerilliumBerillyum TitaniumTitanTitanio TitaniumTitanTitanio
Max power inputBelastbarkeitPotenza massima (RMS):150 W RMS250 W RMS150 W RMS
EfficiencyWirkungsgradEfficienza:103 dB100 dB108 dB
ImpedanceImpedanzImpedenza:8 Ohm8 Ω8 Ohm
Impedance linearizationImpedanzlinearisierungLinearizzazione d'impedenza:not needednicht notwendignon necessarianot needednicht notwendignon necessarianot needednicht notwendignon necessaria
MaterialMaterialMateriale:Gold plated tellurium copperVergoldetes tellurium KupferRame tellurio placcato oroGold plated tellurium copperVergoldetes tellurium KupferRame tellurio placcato oroGold plated tellurium copperVergoldetes tellurium KupferRame tellurio placcato oro
FeetsFüßePiedi:Adjustable SpykesRegelbare SpykesSpykes regolabiliAdjustable SpykesRegelbare SpykesSpykes regolabiliAdjustable SpykesRegelbare SpykesSpykes regolabili
WeightGewichtPeso:300 kg180 kg250 kg
Center LoudspeakersCenter LautsprecherDiffusori centrali:On demandAuf AnfrageA richiestaCenter Clara LunaOn demandAuf AnfrageA richiesta

Options of the Clara Luna

Optionen der Clara Luna

Opzioni della Clara Luna

In our workshop we can offer all true-wood veneers.
Standard are Walnut and Cherry.
Here You can find some non exhaustive samples of the veneers.
As an option is matt lacquering possible as well.

Picture Gallery of the Clara Luna

Fotos der Clara Luna

Immagini della Clara Luna

Home Cinema Components for the Clara Luna

Heimkino Komponenten für die Clara Luna

Componenti Home Cinema per la Clara Luna





Wood is a natural product and depending on several factors might have different color and structure. Color and structure variations of the surface are not to be considered flaws.
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Relative Dimensions Clara Luna