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Dry Run: Munich High End 2015

Dry Run: München High End 2015

Preparazione: Monaco High End 2015

Visit us in Room F224

Besuchen Sie uns im Raum F224

Venite a trovarci nella stanza F224

9th of Mai 2015

9. Mai 2015

9 Maggio 2015

After setting up the amplification and the positioning of the loudspeakers. After choosing the good cable combination. Now it is time to work a little bit with the sources: Turntable. It is clear that we will just use the turntable at the show. Probably one CD player to play the music of the visitors. But for us. Turntable.
Of course in these pictures we are working with an old Garrard 401, not even highly equipped. After warming up, it is par with the CD player we used to set up. Then we changed a little bit and it started the show.
Time then to choose the music. Any wishes?
Charly Antolini playing: Knockout. Fasten Your seat belts!
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8th of Mai 2015

8. Mai 2015

8 Maggio 2015

Lot of things slowed us down today. Thousands details to refine, which not necessary were strictly bound to the system of the fair. But already in the morning we set some basis elements and made first steps with the power cables of Cammino.
During the day we tried several configurations. But in the end… in the end… in the end the music nailed us to the chairs. 4-5 times we tried to call the day and go back to the hotel. We preferred to enjoy the whole earned result: what a prize! I think I’ve never heard such a gorgeous system. And we have not finished jet!
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7th of Mai 2015

7. Mai 2015

7 Maggio 2015

There is not much to report about today. We moved the first steps with the system for the fair. We just phased the components and tried the basis setup and let the music play.
At the end of the day we were already satisfied: if we reach this result during the Munich High End, we do not need to complain at all!

19:00 - Warming up

19:00 - Aufwärmphase

19:00 - Riscaldamento

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16:00 - Set up

16:00 - Erster Aufbau

16:00 - Preparazione

11:30 - The Electronics

11:30 - Die Verstärker

11:30 - I pallet di Einstein