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2-ways loudspeakers

2-Wege Lautsprecher

Diffusori a 2 vie

• just two drivers
• simpler cross over
• just one cross over frequency
• less overlap in frequency between drivers
• more similarity to single point emitter than 3 or more ways speakers
• more extension than single driver loudspeakers
• easier optimization of the whole system
• optimal choice of woofer and mid high range driver
• drivers are optimized to each other
• less similarity to single point emitter than single way loudspeakers
• less theoretic extension than more ways driver loudspeakers
• each single driver is used in a wider frequency range
We are active in the production of loudspeakers since 1976, since then we had the time to test each kind of construction. There have been Blumenhofer Acoustics Loudspeakers up to 4-Ways.
In the end the solution that paid more than the other ones was the 2-ways Loudspeakers.
But the disadvantages of a 2-ways loudspeaker are clearly there and they need to be solved.
At start we looked for simple existing drivers able to fulfill the needs of our construction. Quite fast we reached the end or the limits of what was available on the market, but we were not satisfied.
Then we started our own development and this costed quite a lot of time and efforts.
These development led us mainly in one direction: extending the range of the components at no cost for their musicality.
The result have been several.

For the mid high range:
- improvement of compression drivers
- development of further components for existing compression drivers
- development of new front horn specially for the drivers we have chosen.
This led to a very fine optimization for all of the single pieces that we introduced into these components and trough them a highly specialization that means that there is a bi-univocal dependency between the new Blumenhofer compression driver and the front horn studied for it. That means that that compression driver is only working perfectly with that horn and vice versa.

For the bass, we started a cooperation with ATE in Ulm and Ehman and Partner in Gundelsheim.
The result of the cooperation with ATE are 2 membranes structures. The P2F® and P2C® membranes for our drivers.
This development went tight in hand with the development of the complete bass drivers unit.
They have then been built into the special drivers by Ehman and Partner