News about Blumenhofer Acoustics

German and Italian webpages are now integrated in the .com page

Now is trough. Not jet 100% translated or complete, but renewed a lot inside and a little bit on the outside
Since 2 hours the German and the Italian web pages of Blumenhofer Acoustics are fully integrated in the english one. Take a look at them, graphically has not jet changed that much. But the function is much easier and faster, for customer and for the maintainers.

Furthermore have been integrated the services and the possibility to interact with the world wide community of Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and Flickr. It has been a long path from the old setup to this one, full of difficulties and things that did not want to work from the start. But this gives our company the possibility to be more present in the networked world. Others will come, but I'll not anticipate anything. Stay tuned and You will see more and more Blumenhofer present in the network and in the media.

Due to the new design and setup the implementation of new section of the site will become a breeze. In the next future You will be able to read more and more about the services Blumenhofer is able to deliver to his customers of both commercial and final customer's in both private and professional audio.

The only drawback is that the news page will now only be in english and no more translated in German and Italian but on blogspot it is possible to get a rough translation of the page made from google: it is a really good way to have free fun :D

For today it is sufficient. Enjoy the new web page and, if You have any comment, feel free to post them on
Facebook I'll do my best to answer them :-)