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These are just our developments. They are not meant for sale or as series products, but just as our spleen to know more about sound reproduction.
It is our Formula 1.
From there the technologies flow back to our products.
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Blumenhofer Acoustics Studies Wiki
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Blumenhofer Acoustics Studies Clara Luna
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Blumenhofer Acoustics Studies - Concert X
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Beyond standard dimensions: the concept of "2-ways with horn" reaches its fulfillnes.Jenseits klasssischer Dimensionen: das Konzept "2-Wege mit Horn" findet seine ultimative Vollendung.Al di là delle dimensioni: il concetto di "2-vie con tromba" raggiunge la completezza
Really impressive: stage, depth, speed and lightnes trough and trough. Maximized.Schwer beeindruckend: Bühne, Tiefe, Geschwindigkeit und Leichtigkeit - ab der tiefsten Frequenz. Für Maximalisten.Estremamente impressionante: scena, profondità, velocità e leggerezza. Massimalizzato.
Horn loaded Open Baffle Midrange with air flow duct and bass face plugHorn geladene Offene Schallwand mit Bass-Schallführung Cassa a dipolo caricata a tromba con canale di trasmissione del basso

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*We think that a simple number does not reflect the actual worth and potential of this kind of speaker. The simple frequency extension cannot transmit You the emotion that this loudspeaker is able to transfer You.Wir denken, daß eine einfache Zahl das Potential und den echten Wert von diesem Lautsprecher nicht spiegelt. Durch diese Zahlen können Emotionen nicht übertragen werdenSecondo noi un semplice numero non è in grado di trasmettere il potenziale ed il valore di questo tipo di casse acustiche. Con questi numeri non si trasmettono emozioni