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News about Blumenhofer Acoustics

Groove into Bits Vol. 2 made 93% on

Groove into Bits Vol. 2 reached 93% points assigned by Ken Kessler on
Here You can get more info on the CD and here You can buy it. Have Fun!!


Review of Groove into Bits Vol. 2 from


Onno Kiviet pubblished on his webpage the review of Groove into Bits Vol. 2. Here You can read it in Dutch.


Groove into Bits Vol. 2 comes to the market


On the first day of the Munich High End Fritz de With of STS Digital presented us the Groove into Bits CD Vol. 2.
The CD presents good pieces of music. In the first issue there has been an error on the cover that will be corrected in the reissues of the CD. One song, the one of Bob Dylan, due to rights problems, did not manage to get into the final release of the CD, but it is still in our hearts. Maybe we will be able to add it in the next Groove into Bits.

Inauguration of the Organ in the Church of Bibione

This is not a really Blumenhofer Event, is something that Blumenhofer supported.

The Church Santa Maria Assunta in Bibione received a new organ from one beloved member of his community, Rino Benedett.

Then we discovered that Fritz de With from STS-Digital has a spleen for organ music and loves to record organs.
Agreements were made and quite fast the decision was taken.
With the support of the community in Bibione the Church has been able to finance the production of the CD of the inaugural concert of the organ.

The CD is only for internal use of the Church and for the local community. You can contact Don Andrea Vena here if You wish to have more information about it.

Under magistral conduction of Maestro Daniel Roth from Saint Sulpice in Paris, the result and the sound were really moving.
These were the music played
This concert was the opening concert for the Summer organ concert season in Bibione.

The Organ comes from the Francesco Zanin company of Codroipo. The site is still in construction but You can reach them here.
Some data of the organ can be read in this document

To perform the recording Fritz de With used a 4 microphone setup, placing 2 microphones in front of the altar directed to the two wings of the organ plus 2 more microphones about 10 meters behind to be able to generate the ambience of the church and eliminate some of the unavoidable disturbs arising during a live concert.
The microphones from Shoeps were connected to a Nagra VI pro 8-channel recorder. The power supply chain of the electronic involved was from Cammino-HP.
Blumenhofer's involvement? We made the whole possible and our loudspeakers will be used in the post-processing of the recorded tracks to reach the quality needed to realize the CD.

After enjoying the concert in the church, we spent the whole sunday playing the tracks again and again to understand the quality and start a first remixing process to decide the relative levels of the tracks. We were astonished, I've never had the experience of listening for a concert a second time in that quality. It beamed me away into a meditative status: fantastic! I'm looking forward for hearing the CD at my place.


Groove into Bits Vol. 2

The Setup was impressive.

- Pluto Audio Turntable
- Van den Hul Canary cartridge
- Octave Phono Module
- Octave Jubilee Preamplifier
- Octave MRE 220 Power Amplifier
- complete Cammino-HP cabling
- Cammino HP Power Harmonisation
- Astin Trew Concord DAC 1 USB
and of course
- Blumenhofer Acoustics Wiki

I think there is nothing left to say. This list answers all the questions.

- Andreas Hoffmann - Octave
- Claudio Trevisanello - Cammino HP
- Fritz de With - STS Digital
- Onno Kivet -
- Conny Englmeier - DJ
- Marco de Wilde -
- Bernd Berling - Klangstube
- Eddy - Pluto
- Micael Osborne - Astin Trew
and of course
- Thomas Blumenhofer
- Andrea Vitali


X-Fi special CD

During the X-Fi Show, STS-Digital made gift to the first 2000 visitors of the special CD, made for the show. There were that many people at the show, that not all the visitors received the CD. I hope that the 2000 people appreciated the gift… of course, mastered with Blumenhofer :-)


Music in the original Marantz age now as LP as well

The original Marantz CD has now come out as LP as well, You can buy it here online directly by STS-Digital


Ingram Washington CD and LP - Sweet 'n' Low

Another great LP, another best selling product at once.

"Sweet 'n' Low" really enjoyable warm voice and sonorities.


Marantz SACD Edition 15, mastered with Blumenhofer

The new Marantz SACD Edition 15 has come on the market. It has been mastered with Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 1 and Genuin FS 3. Take a look at it, it is worth it, and
here You can purchase it online directly by STS-Digital.


Introduction of the CDs Product Page

We introduce today a CD product page, where we collect information about the Blumenhofer Acoustics CDs and the CDs mastered with Blumenhofer Acoustics Loudspeakers used as monitor speakers. These CDs are really high quality recordings. There will be the possibility to hear 15s of each song present in the CD (as soon as we get the permission of the CD label). For each CD there will be a link, where it can be purchased. Let's groove :-)

2012_08_21 - Introduction of CDs Webpage

Groove into Bits CD got the album choice award

We met Ken Kessler at the Munich High End and we spent some words with him. During the talk we handed over our Grove into Bits CD and explained in which way we recorded it: directly from the LP and enhanced in the analog domain before going digital. and Ken Kessler awarded our Grove into Bits CD the Album Choice Award for this month and gave us 95% out of 100% in music quality, a very high and rare reward. This is for us the best acknowledgment of our love for the music, this is just a sample of the quality of all our products! You can buy it online at sts-digital. Enjoy the music!


Dynamic Experience Vol. 2 CD

The second volume of the Dynamic Experience CD has come on the market. It is dynamic, it is astonishing good mastered. It has power and drive: a shower of dynamic.
Enjoy the listening


Report about Groove into Bits Vol. 1 Blumenhofer Acoustics CD on Music Emotion of May 2012


Our CD has impressed the international press even faster than expected. In the last issue You can find at page 43 a report about our Groove into Bits project. Enjoy Your reading!! Here You can download the Dutch pdf of the article


Groove into Bits Vol. 1 CD

In cooperation with STS-Digital, we produced the Groove into Bits Vol. 1 CD.
We already informed You about this project.
It was extraordinary and it has borne by chance.

We met in Walkertshofen last September and started listening for music of all kinds. Of course on LP. Spontaneous was the question… why don't we master it to a CD trying to keep the analog feeling of the turntable. Then, the task was set, how to perform it? Simple? Conny Englmeier started playing DJ, Fritz connected his Marantz mastering equipment, Lars set up the Kanzy power amplifier, and Tom connected our Wiki: if we need a monitor speaker why not the best one available? Marco had a Acoustic Signature Ascona with an SME tonearm and a Soundsmith cartridge in the trunk of the car. The setup was done. The songs were chosen and we started the recording process. It took us a longer time than expected but was fun. After hours we were eating in the restaurant and René suggested to name it after the project: Grove into Bits was what we did. From LP to CD. Extraordinary.


Music in the original Marantz age CD

Finally we got it. It is a limited edition CD made for Marantz to commemorate the anniversary of the company. As usual for the last STS-Digital production the mastering process has been made on a Genuin FS 1 and a Genuin FS 3.

Enjoy the Music, if You are lucky enough to get one of the 2000 copies :-)


Ingram Washington CD and LP - What a difference a day makes

It has been a long path to get back to LP, but, finally, with our support and the engagement for the whole team, STS-Digital got back to the roots: they made the first LP since years and it has been a best selling product at once.

The enjoyable warm voice of Ingram Washington in his CD/LP "What a difference a day makes" brings back sonorities and inspirations from vinyl and piano bar atmosphere.

Useless for me to stress that it has been mastered with Blumenhofer's Loudspeakers :-)


Incredible Music and Recording CDs, mastered with Blumenhofer

STS-Digital has put on the market the first 3 CDs of a series of 8. These CDs contain incredible recordings from all kind of musics. From Classic to modern in a very appealing and transporting way. Able to move Your feeling and emotions in the traditional quality of all the STS-digital recordings.

I nearly forgot: they have been mastered with Blumenhofer :-)

You can buy them at the online Shop of STS-Digital.

2011_12_07-IncredibleMusic_01 2011_12_07-IncredibleMusic_02 2011_12_07-IncredibleMusic_03

Marantz SACD Edition 14, mastered with Blumenhofer

The new Marantz SACD Edition 14 has come on the market. It has been mastered with Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 1 and Genuin FS 3. Take a look at it, it is worth it, and here You can purchase it online directly by STS-Digital.
The SACD charms and convinces generating a warm atmosphere. The recordings are, as usual, highest quality and the choice of the songs go trough lot of different stiles and music genres. Never boring, sometimes swinging in a cozy feeling, sometimes hitting You with extraordinary impact and speed, sometimes taking You away with sweet voices. Have a listen and enjoy its music.


The Blumenhofer Experience CD - Groove into Bits Vol. 1

We spent 2 days having lot of fun listening for music and remastering it directly from the LPs.
Conny Engelmayer - You will learn some more about him in the future - has made a narrow choice out of his 10.000 LPs collection.
Fritz de With - STS Digital - brought his recording equipment to Walkertshofen.
Thomas was more at the coffee machine than at the audio equipment: lots of double expressos, just for the good taste of them.
Lars - Kanzy - presented us his power amplifier

The Sound playing system was:
- Technics SP 15 Turntable
- Turntable Plint made by Blumenhofer
- Pro-Ject 12" Tonearm
- Sound-Smith Strain-Gauge Cartridge
- Kanzy KAAM-800 Power Amplifier

Fritz is now preparing the Master and we expect the CD to be on the market before the end of the Year.


Van den Hul issued a superb CD: Great Recordings of the 50's. Mastered on Blumenhofer

Fritz de With of STS-Digital found a tape with old recordings. Van den Hul asked him to make a CD out of it. The processing of the tapes to the master CD has been performed on Blumenhofer Genuin FS 1 and Genuin FS 3 speakers. Here You can purchase it online directly by STS-Digital.

This CD delivers the transformation of the soft melodies of the 50's in unsurpassed quality. Directly from the original tape adapted to exploit in the modern mediums the complete gamma of sounds and inspiration of the original artists.
...from the times, when the recordings had no editing but direct cut, cleaned and rounded up. Music reborn, the great recordings of the 50's.


Dynamic Experience Vol. 1 CD: reworked with Blumenhofer

The second release of the Dynamic Experience CD of STS-Digital has been rechecked with Blumenhofer Acoustics. Here You can purchase it online directly by STS-Digital.

I have just spent some hours listening twice or trice this cd. I must tell You: it delivers what it promises. Yello, Stevie Ray Vaughan and others. Percussions, guitar and voices. Listen for it and it will not go out of Your head: You will leave Your chair with a light sensation of music carrying You around: an experience in pure dynamic.