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Veneers (*)

There are several choices for the surface of the loudspeaker to personalise them to Your tastes and Your existing environment.
Choosing a special veneer brings into Your living room not just a piece of wood, but a piece of the history of the places where that particular tree used to grow. A unique choice: there can't be 2 equal.
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Bass Impedance linearisation

This product is no longer available
To have perfect sound in the bass frequencies on certain power amplifiers we had to think the impedance correction for the low frequency range. The bass impedance correction increases the definition and the precision on certain power amplifiers that actually need it.
==> Bass Impedance linearisation
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Bi-Wiring bridges from Cammino

The Cammino loudspeakers brdiges are studied to obtain the best result in every Bi-Wiring loudspeaker without stepping to a Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping configuration.
* - all veneers are ecologically chosen and do not come from protected areas or trees