17 October 2014 - High End Switzerland in Zürich

Matthias from Octave and Andrea
André Aebischer and Matthias
André Aebischer and Matthias
Andrea Air Guitar playing
André Aebischer, taking pictures
Blessed by music
The source: Dr. Feickert Woodpeecker
The difference against last year: Octave playing
Last development of Cammino: The devil's claw. The top loudspeaker cable with smart wiring
The complete system was Cammino wired
Playing DJ
Jelco tonearm and Lyra Delos cartridge
After hours, enjoying the dinner: Andrea and Horst
The setup
Hurra sounds really good!!
This digital chain needs some tuning...
Andrea discussing with a customer
Fun 13 was there as well, just for show
Matthias and Andrea
Good documentation of the setup is a must!
These? Still do not exist, but will be made for the new system, Aeros?