10 November 2014 - The Finest Brands Seminar

They will rocket You to the stars
They will shoot You to the moon
They will nail You to the chair with an astonishing sound quality
The people from the finest brands
But first, You have to sit properly
Eat good food
And enjoy good things in life
When it gets to the point of home cinema
You don't have any chance
but to sit down, relax
and enjoy, this Tempesta 20 home cinema
or this Genuin FS 2 home cinema
Home cinema, powered by this... well, this is a collection of all the game consoles of the last 20 years, all set up to work, the actual home cinema system is the smallest part on the right side
But also music an stereo is an essential part of life
We were talking about home cinema...
With this Center?
But even starting small is a good option, which I found both looking...
...and sounding very good: would be already sufficient for me!
Or even this simple stereo set...
The subwoofers? 2x 21" with hybrid horn configuration.
Big Robert on big 21" sub, small Andrea on small 15" sub
Showing off for the picture... pretending to be relaxed.