How did it start?

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All because of a lightning

Thomas' father was always in love with music and enjoyed it with a, for that time, normal tube driven SABA radio. During a thunderstorm a lightning nearby electrocuted that radio. Thomas was 13 and was curious about electrics and loved to make experiments. As his father purchased a really expensive new radio, Thomas asked if he was allowed to use the components of the broken one (the loudspeakers were still in perfect shape). Father permitted with no hesitation. During the weeks after that, Thomas started experiencing building different cabinets and trying to get the best out of it. After a few months, Thomas asked the father if he was permitted to compare the result of his experimenting with the expensive new radio of the father. And... it was a success. In front of the family he tried and succeded. That was the first attempt and success in Thomas' carreer. This success was followed by several others in the following months and step by step his knowledge and experience started to grow. But we have to know that not all tests were succesfull, he eventually had to suffer some fall back, but these, after the inital start, were the urge to learn more and do more investigation to understand the mistake and continue his progress and improvement.