Bass Impedance Linearisation

This product is no longer available
Bass Impedance Correction Curves
The impedance curve of the big Fun 20 will be the example to explain the impedance correction module:
- Green: Impedance without correction
- Orange: Impedance with cross over impedance correction but without Low frequency-impedance correction
- Blue: low frequency impedance correction put on Low
- Purple: low frequency impedance correction put on Medium
- Yellow: low frequency impedance correction put on High
The average Tube amplifiers, in our opinion, needs a flat impedance load to get the best sound out of it. The flat impedance allows a more homogeneous play along the whole frequency spectrum: all our speaker of the big Fun and Genuin series (except for the Genuin FS 4.2 and FS 5) have a excludable impedance correction for the cross-over frequency. The Clara Luna is studied for a completely flat impedance load.

The cross-over impedance correction is in our experience useful on all tube amplifiers (some people prefer to keep it switched off - question of taste and overall system). The Bass-Impedance correction, which can be purchased as option is only for certain sensible tube power amplifiers, for this reason (in order not to uselessly increase the price) it is meant as an option.

The Bass impedance correction leads to higher definition and better control in the low frequencies and since is a question of taste, we have foreseen 3 different levels of impedance correction to better fit the room and the taste of the customer

The Bass impedance correction of the Genuin FS 4.2 includes the module for the cross-over impedance as well
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