News about Blumenhofer Acoustics

Guangzhou HiFi Show 2010

Tony Hu and Mr. Yang presented our speakers in China in Guangzhou: I think it was a pity not to be personally there, maybe next year.


Max Schlundt in Stilwerk in Berlin, an extraordinary venue, 2010

from the 3rd until the 22nd of September in Berlin in Stilwerk, Max Schlundt presented our products in his IFA-Parallel event. We brought him the Clara Luna for which should be taken an appointment; the Genuin FS 1, the Genuin FS 3 and the Fun 17 were on the contrary ready for play anytime. At Max event there have been some interesting panel discussion on several arguments concerning the world of HiFi nowadays, and the changes happened in the last years from the vinyl to the streamer’s era. We unfortunately did not have the chance to participate and listen to the lessons, but Max told us that they have been a success. ==> musical Value of popular music: based on some Examples ==> Status of the Recording techniques: limits of the music reproduction ==> Designed in Europe-Made in China? ==> Solo-Piano: Improvisation at the big Bechstein-Piano ==> Music sources in the modern times: -Vinyl revival, -Music download, -End of the CD? ==> Home cinema- Cinema at home about Pros and Cons of free availability ==> Music press - Protector of the end user or marketing instrument? It has (and in a certain way it still is) a great event. Pass by at Max venue, you will enjoy great music


HiFi United is our new Distributor for Italy

Since today, the 1st of September, HiFi United is the new Distributor for Blumenhofer Acoustics in Italy and S. Marino Republik. We look forward to a positive cooperation.


bei Bruno Farina von Satel S.N.C.

We have been in the company of Bruno Farina Satel S.N.C.

Bruno lives in a really nice part of Italy, in the Marche. A corner where the person still has its value as person and the rhythm of life brings live in front: there there is still the time to drink a caffe with friends.

Since several years Bruno develops his power amplifiers. It is worth take a closer look: Satel S.N.C.


Music2 Audio Import is our new Distributor for Holland

After a meeting in Kampen and some more mail exchange Marco de Wilde joined our distribution chain.
You can find him here: info (at)

Nieuw M2 logo

Campaign 'Handmade in Germany'

We start an advertisement campaign on certain german and international media. This campaign will be based on the theme “Handmade in Germany” and each month will show what it does mean “building High End Loudspeakers”. It will show each month how we work.

First one appeared on Stereo 09/2010 on the 5th of August:


Review of the big Fun 17 on Stereo 08/2010


Our Fun 17 has been tested on Stereo. The report is worth reading: have Fun!!

You can read the Measurement report here
Here you can read the Review
The Loudspeaker has ben rated excellent!



The German HiFi Connection is our new Distributor for India

We first met Jochen Semmler in Hamburg at the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage.
He is German, and moved to India several years ago.
Now he decided to import top German Hi Fi products to India and started with Einstein Audio and Blumenhofer Acoustics.

He is producing for us some part of the packaging of the speakers.

Review of the Genuin FS 3 on Stereoplay


Wolfram Eifert of Stereoplay enjoyed the Genuin FS 3 sound. Here you can read the review.

Seminar mit Matthias Böde at Finest in Bochum

Finest, HiFi Gallery and Wines, invites to a seminar with Matthias Böde of Stereo in Bochum. It is a seminar about music. Come and Enjoy.


Röhre meets Wirkungsgrad Event in Walkertshofen 2010

Joint Forces with Rainer Israel of Friends of Audio, we invited Lorenzo Sanavio of MastersounD to the first official event in our show room.

2 setups have been playing and we had two really pleasant days.

Our visitors enjoyed our music and our caffe: we installed a new machine in the showroom and we learned how to get perfect italian caffe out of it!!

Thank you all a lot for your visit and keep checking at Blumenhofer: we will make more events starting in fall ;-)


From now on longer spykes

After some intensive testing we decide not to include the covers for the dishes of the spykes anymore: they are not contributing in a positive way to the sound of the speakers in comparison to the steel dishes alone. In order to preserve the distance from the floor of the Fun 17 and big Fun 20 we introduce longer spykes. The suggestion came from Volker Bohlmeier of Einstein Audio.

HiFi Deluxe in Munich 2010

This has been one of the most important event in the last months and everything went well. The only flaw has been the wine: it didn’t match our taste. Next time will be perfect as well and you will enjoy it.

We enjoyed the visit of lot of people and received really positive feedback on our 2 rooms.

Dimitri, Max und Gigi supported us in Room 374 with the Grandinote power amplifier and the Labtek Tube-SACD player.
We have been presenting with Einstein Audio Components in room Versailles.
Thank you all for being there.


Review of the Genuin FS 3 on Audio


Malte Ruhnke of Audio tested our Genuin FS 3. Here you can read the report on German. The introduction of the test compared a Burmester B30 and a Geithain Me 160 with our Genuin FS 3 Our Genuin FS 3 got the flag of Tube-friendly

Review of the big Fun 17 on

Pierre Stemmelin of had a private audition of the Fun 17 at Full High End in Yerres. Here you can read his mind and here you can download the pdf of the article.