News about the Fun 17

Report about the Audio 21 event

René L. van Es wrote a report about the event for the 40 Years Pluto at Audio 21. He spend quite some nice words about our loudspeakers... for those who understand Dutch, here is the article ;-)

He says about the Genuin FS 2:
Some time ago I had the FS2 at home for a review and rated them highly. For less than 15.000 Euro a pair they are yours and I do promise you that you will enjoy your music collection over a long period and you won’t cherish further wishes
And about the Gran Gioia:
Of a to me well known recording from Holly Cole the tracks "Be Careful It’s My Heart" and "Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries" belong to my personal favorites of the LP version. With the Gran Gioia the playback is fast and wide open. Very transparent but not to an unattractive analytical level. As soon as more instruments join the piano the created harmony justifies the price level of this system.